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The NFT marketplace that empowers artists and bridges physical & digital art on the Terra and Juno blockchain.

Create, Sell, & Buy NFTs

Create your own Portfolio and mint your first NFT in a few clicks with no code.
The Talis Marketplace features:

1/1 standalone tokens, standard collections for auction or direct sale, and “candymachine” collections for randomized minting.

The ability to add whitelists with multiple private/public phases for launch.

The ability to add custom royalties. Royalties can be split across multiple Artists/wallets and a portion can be allocated to charity via Angel Protocol as well.

The ability to send airdrops in large quantities to various wallets.

Multichain protocol You can choose the blockchain on which to mint your NFT. The Collectors will have to use the native token of that blockchain to buy your art.


Own the Marketplace


Talis is a transparent, trustless, and decentralized NFT platform directed and governed by its community.

The $TALIS token will serve as the official governance token for the protocol, allowing users to take part in smart contract changes, fraud monitoring, and the Talis Treasury.

The Talis code will be open-sourced along with the launch of the Token Genration Event and the addition of the governance module.

Anyone will be able to monitor the protocol and take part in its future developments.


Share its Profits


As a decentralized protocol, all fees will go back to token holders.

Token holders will not only be able to govern the platform:
they will also be able to share its profits.

Users will be able to stake their TALIS in exchange for xTALIS, a yield bearing token that accrues protocol fees.
Fees will be distributed and paid out in stable coin.

Print your Art

Talis is currently building a distributed network of
Print-on-Demand services.


After the launch of our v1, we will begin to inform the community more about this update.

Backed by


ParaFi, Arrington XRP Capital, Benson Oak, Polygon, Collider Ventures, Cozomo De Medici, Do Kwon, MetaStreet, CGW, and Blocbits.

Since our launch in Q4 2021, more than 56,000 tokens have been minted on Talis.art by hundreds of verified artists, and millions of dollars in $UST and $LUNA have been exchanged for works of art.